3 Options After Completing A Rental Program

  1. Continue renting the instrument at the monthly rate until it is paid off (rent to own).
    *Any money accrued during your initial rental period, plus monthly payments after, will be credited to the account in order to purchase the instrument. 
  2. Purchase the instrument out right at any point during, or at the end of, the rental contract. 
  3. Return the instrument on or before the end date of the rental contract. However, any amount accrued towards your instrument will be null and void once the contract is broken.  

Please contact Lynchburg Music Center with any questions about your rental! #434-237-0073

5 Great Reasons For An Added Protection Plan 

  1. Even if students are careful, their classmates may not be. Periodic maintenance and adjustments are required on most instruments.
  2. Depending on the work that the instrument needs, the cost of the repair can often exceed the cost of a year’s worth of the Protection Plan.
  3. You may cancel the Protection Plan at any time; however it can only be added at the beginning of your rental.
  4. Homeowner’s insurance does not usually cover the instrument, since you do not own it. Plus, there is NO DEDUCTIBLE with us!
  5. Unless you include the Protection Plan, you will be financially responsible for loss, theft, damage to or destruction of the instrument.